With its panoramic horizon, the Loman Art House offers an exhibition rightly named 360 degrees. A single glance can not be enough to embrace all the exhibited works: from the garden to the roof, the visit will lead you to traverse the spaces of this gallery in continual renewal to admire the works of the artists. 

A visit to 360 which explores the different facets of sculpture and materials with poetry: Loman Art exhibits its sculpted paintings, which combine painting and metal in finesse to transcribe the atmosphere of Dakar life; Eza Komla stages his sculptures in flip-flops recycled with an undeniable gaiety; Idrissa Ndiaye honors femininity with its glaise masks with expressive and dreamlike faces. Daniel Severin Ngassu's ultra realistic paintings, by the smoothness of his paintings, brings a contrast that adds to the perspective of these reliefs.

The exhibition promises a voyage rich in colors, emotions and perspectives ... open to 360 degrees.

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